Wrongful Death

Our experienced trial lawyers will evaluate and pursue your valid wrongful death claim in Illinois or Missouri, taking all steps available to maximize your financial recovery and help you move forward after a tragedy. Please contact us today for a free consultation if you have recently lost a loved one and need to know your legal options.

Car Accidents — Trucking Accidents — On the Job — Medical Negligence

We are well prepared to pursue maximum compensation for your family, whether the tragic death occurred in a fatal car accident, a fall, or was due to medical error or some other cause. Our case preparation and courtroom experience extends to serious injury and wrongful death cases resulting from:

  • Roadway accidents, including devastating car/truck collisions and pedestrians struck by vehicles
  • The use of unsafe products and equipment, including farm and industrial machinery
  • Construction accidents, including falls from bridges or scaffolding, as well as other workplace tragedies
  • Reckless or criminal shootings and other actions by police or private citizens
  • Medication and dosage errors, as well as misdiagnosis and other errors that may justify a medical malpractice lawsuit

Building Your Case With Complete Investigation and Expert Testimony

Families who work with Ripplinger & Zimmer LLC benefit from conscientious dedication to looking at the case from all angles. We have access to an array of expert resources in engineering, medicine and other fields. You can also be confident in our thorough knowledge of wrongful death statutes and court rules, obtained through decades of active practice. Our lawyers are well versed in proving liability for a fatality and demonstrating the total impact and consequences of your loss.

Working Compassionately With All Family Members

We bring the balance necessary to mediate family interests and help your family unite around a critical legal cause. Our attorneys will work closely with concerned family members throughout your case, fostering relationships based on reason and trust. When it comes to distribution of your settlement or verdict, we strive for equity and full client satisfaction.

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Taking fast action can be very important in your wrongful death case. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you possibly can after the accident or other tragic event, so that we can move immediately to recover and secure evidence critical to establishing precisely what happened and who is responsible. Our responsive, aggressive approach can make the difference for your future.