Unsafe Product Injuries

Product Liability Attorneys Serving Illinois and Missouri

Even the most cautious and well-informed people can suffer serious injuries, or even be killed, by unsafe products. Although some car defects and other major safety issues lead to product liability lawsuits that get national media attention, many other dangerous products cause personal injuries.

Knowing the Law, Building Your Specific Case

If you suspect or believe that an unsafe product played a part in your recent injury, obtaining just compensation will likely require you to contact a lawyer who:

  • Understands federal and state product liability statutes
  • Knows how to identify and substantiate product safety issues, often by calling on qualified experts on the design, manufacture and use of that specific item or piece of equipment
  • Has had substantial success earning sizeable verdicts and settlements in product liability cases

Automobile Components — Worksite Machinery — Farm Equipment

As attorneys who have represented many auto accident victims, we are conscious of many design problems and defects that may factor into serious personal injuries. When our investigative work points to seat belt failure, tire defects or any aspect of the vehicle design itself, we know how to proceed. Our law firm will not be intimidated by the size or power of any negligent party.

Equipment on worksites may be designed without proper guarding of moving parts, proper safety shutoffs or other protective measures. Design flaws in tractors, augers and other powerful farm machinery are also frequent causes of serious consequences including limb loss and even wrongful death.

Burn Injuries — Unsafe Tools, Clothing and Toys — Unsafe Property

The range of products that pose risks to users is vast, but this does not mean manufacturers and property owners should not be held responsible for negligence that exposes others to danger. We are well equipped to pursue your product liability or premises liability case involving:

  • Clothing that is not flame-retardant, or smoke detector failures that lead to burn injuries
  • Harm done to children by toys that have lead-based paints or other safety issues
  • Unsafe conditions on property you rent or visit, including dangerous staircases with improper lighting

Call an Experienced Product Liability Attorney Right Away

Wherever your injury occurred, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation . If you have a case, we will move quickly to preserve evidence and take other critical legal action.