Spinal Cord Injuries

Representing Accident Victims With Spinal Cord Injuries

Not every attorney is up to the challenge of a personal injury case involving paralysis or other catastrophic spinal cord injuries. The magnitude of medical costs and life changes associated with such injuries can be staggering, and your decision to contact an attorney with directly relevant experience may be essential to your future.

At the respected Belleville, Illinois, law firm of Ripplinger & Zimmer LLC, we have represented people rendered paraplegic or quadriplegic due to auto accidents, crashes involving trucks and tragic construction site accidents. We are well equipped to evaluate and prepare every aspect of your spinal cord injury case, whether it involves someone's criminal activity, a medical error or the consequences of using an unsafe product.

Our experience with many accident victims includes cases of complete severance and partial severance of the spinal cord. In many cases, it is necessary to seek specialized medical attention for back pain or neck pain that may indicate a serious spinal cord injury.

Knowledge and Experience to Show the Full Impact of Your Injuries

For victims of spinal cord or brain injuries, long-term medical care and rehabilitation costs may run to the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Properly presenting your case for recovering damages to an insurer or jury requires that your attorney truly grasps what it will take for a person with severe injuries to live as fulfilling a life as possible.

Our attorneys take every available step to obtain maximum compensation for our clients, including calling on:

  • Top university economists to prepare credible projections of lost wages
  • Experienced rehabilitation specialists and experts in the development of comprehensive life care plans that include home care assistance
  • Engineers and contractors capable of addressing all necessary home and automobile modifications, from countertop height adjustments and accessible, safe bathrooms to adaptive equipment on vans or other vehicles

Caring Lawyers Working for You and Your Family

We are comprehensive in our approach to your case because we recognize the tremendous new challenges faced by a spinal cord injury victim, as well as this person's spouse, children and other family members.

You can afford quality representation when you turn to Ripplinger & Zimmer LLC. Contact us for a free consultation today, with the assurance that you will owe nothing unless we take your case and earn financial compensation for you.