Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Belleville, Illinois, Lawyers for Dog Bite Victims

All Illinois and Missouri property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions on their property. This obligation includes protecting others from a dangerous dog or any other animal kept on the property.

If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog, you may be able to recover medical costs and financial compensation for other consequences by taking legal action against the dog's owner. Please call 618-234-2440 or send us an e-mail right away for a free consultation to examine your case and your options.

Uncovering the History of a Dangerous Dog

Our respected law firm has successfully resolved a number of dog bite cases, including those involving seriously injured children. We know what to look for in evaluating and building your specific case, focusing on:

  • Understanding the circumstances surrounding the dog bite or animal attack
  • Uncovering any previously reported incidents of the animal attacking another person
  • Gathering photographic or video evidence that shows negligence in controlling the animal
  • Fully documenting your injuries as soon as possible after the attack
  • Finding neighbors or other witnesses willing to discuss a problem animal or the owner's negligence in controlling it

Beware of Insurance Settlement Offers. Call Our Attorneys First.

Even if the dog has no history of violence, an unprovoked attack may still provide a solid case for legal action. Our lawyers' extensive experience in proving negligence and negotiating with insurance companies can be an excellent asset for you.

As in other personal injury cases, the time immediately following a dog bite or animal attack may be critical. We urge you to act quickly so valuable evidence is not removed or covered up before an investigation can take place. You risk nothing when you contact us for a free consultation — and we are well qualified to help you make the best possible decisions about moving forward with a lawsuit.