Business Litigation

Any disagreement or disputed action involving your business and livelihood must be taken seriously. Whether the ongoing success of your business may hang in the balance or you need to rectify an unfair competitive situation, the lawyers at Ripplinger & Zimmer LLC have the business litigation knowledge and tenacity to handle your case.

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Shareholder and Partner Disputes — Breach of Contract — Noncompete Agreements

We have capably represented numerous small- and midsize businesses, corporations and professionals in a wide variety of important disputes, including matters involving insurers and other companies. These include:

  • Shareholder disputes, often requiring business litigation to protect and defend your rights to business assets, property or decision-making authority
  • Allegations of a breach of contract, often involving failure to deliver goods or services according to the terms of an established agreement
  • Withholding of business-essential products or components, such as manufacturing templates or patterns, after termination of a contract or business relationship
  • Challenges to or enforcement of noncompete agreements, which have become much more common in today's highly competitive, complex business environment
  • Division of partnership assets upon dissolution, including jointly held real estate that can become the subject of a partition lawsuit
  • Accounts receivable disputes involving substantial sums of money

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