Burn Injuries

Illinois and Missouri Burn Injury Attorneys

A serious burn injury is not only physically damaging but can also be one of the most psychologically traumatic injuries that a person can suffer. The costs of recovery from a burn injury, including the emotional therapy that may be required to overcome the psychological trauma, can be tremendous. When burn injuries are caused by another person's negligence or misconduct, pursuing compensation is crucial for the successful completion of the recovery process.

At the law firm of Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C., in Belleville, Illinois, our personal injury lawyers can help you work to hold the responsible parties accountable. For more than 30 years, we have helped clients obtain successful verdicts and settlements in burn injury cases. We also represent the families of fatal burn injury victims. We will aggressively pursue monetary damages for you and provide the personal attention you deserve after a serious accident.

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Causes and Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are typically classified by the degree of the burn. First-degree burns tend to be mild and typically only affect the outer layer of the skin, while third and fourth degree burns affect underlying tissue and may result in permanent scarring, disfigurement or death.

There are many types of burns that can cause serious damage to victims, including:

  • Heat burns, caused by explosions, fires and hot objects and liquids
  • Electrical burns, caused by electrical sources and lighting
  • Chemical burns, caused by household or industrial chemicals
  • Radiation burns, including those caused by tanning booths and X-rays

Any type of serious burn can have significant short and long-term effects for victims. Burns may result in severe pain, scarring, disfigurement and loss of function, including the loss of sight, taste, smell and touch. Burns may also result in permanent disabilities and mental trauma. Treating all of these complications is often an expensive, time consuming process that can last well after the accident has taken place.

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