Brain Injuries

Representing Brain Injury Victims in Illinois and Missouri

Did a recent auto accident, workplace accident or other event result in a traumatic brain injury for you or a loved one? Are you concerned that brain damage or closed head injuries were missed initially, but are now causing problems?

In a free initial consultation, our Belleville, Illinois, personal injury attorneys will apply our extensive experience with accident victims and medical issues to evaluate your case. We have helped many injury victims obtain substantial compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages and address other serious consequences.

Fighting for Maximum Compensation After a Brain Injury

At our respected law firm, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and their families. Rather than making fast decisions based on the obvious facts of a case, we strive to engage with you and understand all possible causes and consequences of your injuries. If someone was negligent and can be held liable for causing or contributing to your brain injury, we will go the distance in our effort to recover damages for you through decisive legal action.

Targeting Proper Brain Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Whenever we work with an accident victim, we are alert to any possibility of head trauma and brain injuries. We have seen numerous cases when a basic examination after an auto accident, a construction accident or other event did not reveal the presence or extent of brain injuries.

When other physical injuries are present and a blow to the head is not the primary concern, it is common for mild symptoms to be ignored or attributed to shock. Over time, however, the injured person or those close to him or her may become aware of:

  • Short-term or long-term memory problems
  • Changes in vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Subtle or unusual changes in behavior

We assist our clients in seeking specialized medical attention, turning to respected institutions such as the Brain Injury Institute at Northwestern University. Proper diagnosis of a brain injury often requires psychological tests as well as physical procedures.

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If you have any suspicion that your recent accident, or an accident impacting a family member, may have caused a brain injury, please contact us now . Our lawyers handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis - so you will owe no fees unless we are successful in your case.