Auto Accidents

St. Louis, Missouri, Auto Collision Injury Attorneys

Any car, motorcycle or other roadway accident is a shocking, totally unexpected event. When injuries or fatalities occur, it can be hard to know what to do beyond getting people the medical attention they need and notifying insurers. If your injuries are - or might be - significant, it is crucial to contact a Belleville car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

We Take Fast Action to Protect Important Evidence

When you contact our Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C. office, we will respond quickly and actively to investigate your car accident crash site and meet with you in a free consultation. Our results show how effective we are in uncovering evidence in your favor. Fast action is important because it helps ensure our access to evidence that may be critical, such as:

  • All vehicles involved in the accident
  • Positioning of vehicles and skid marks, often especially critical in a car/truck collision
  • Any available witnesses to your car accident
  • An accurate view of road conditions and other environmental factors that may have contributed to your auto collision injury

We Call on Top Experts to Prove Negligence and Show Consequences

Our attorneys and the experts we call on — including accident reconstructionists and engineers in many disciplines — travel throughout Illinois and Missouri to investigate serious auto accidents. We have handled cases ranging from head-on collisions involving two passenger vehicles to 18-wheeler accidents, and personal injury and wrongful death litigation against a wide range of defendants.

Exploring All Potential Sources of Compensation for You

While we provide strong representation to collect from another driver's insurance company or your own uninsured motorist coverage, these are not the only possible sources of recovery. Depending on circumstances, your car accident may present the opportunity to take action against responsible parties such as:

  • An automobile manufacturer or used car dealership for building or selling an unsafe vehicle
  • Tire and other automobile component manufacturers for providing defective products that contribute to accidents and injuries

Contact Us for a Free Car/Truck Accident Consultation

We consider all factors in your car accident with the clear intent of exploring every possible means of obtaining money for your medical costs, lost wages and other consequences. When you contact the law firm of Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C., you put experience and resourcefulness to work for your financial future.