Illinois and Missouri Amputation and Personal Injury Lawyers

After an accident that results in the loss of an arm, leg or other part of the body, the physical and emotional pain can be difficult to handle and the recovery process is one that may never be fully complete.

Adapting to the amputation of a body part is a gradual process but there are some activities, including some occupations, which may no longer be possible as the result of the accident, even if a prosthesis can be fitted to partially replace the missing body part. A victim's home and automobile may have to be modified or replaced to allow the person to live as independently as possible. Financially, it is important to pursue compensation that you need for treatment, prosthetics, and other expenses related to the amputation, including past and future lost wages.

In Belleville, Illinois, the personal injury law firm of Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C., provides counsel and representation to the victims of amputations and other traumatic injuries that were the result of accidents, negligence or misconduct. Our attorneys recognize how difficult it can be to cope with the loss of a limb or other body part and attempt to provide a source of comfort and confidence for our clients. We will evaluate your medical records and provide resources for therapists and doctors who can provide effective rehabilitation.

If you or someone you love has been injured and has had to have a body part amputated, contact us at Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C., and talk with us about your situation.

Accidents and Injuries That May Require Amputation

At Ripplinger & Zimmer, L.L.C., we have handled a variety of personal injury cases in more than 30 years of experience, including many cases where amputation has been necessary after accidents. These accidents may include:

After an amputation, there may be many short-term and long-term costs that are necessary for the recovery process, including prosthetics, physical and occupational therapy, psychological therapy, surgery, job retraining and many others. Paying for these expenses may be prohibitive for many people and obtaining compensation through a personal injury claim is crucial.

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